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Try new routes for social distancing

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 2nd , 2020.

Even with Stay at Home directives, the governor and health officials encourage us to get outside to bike and hike. The key to stopping the spread of Covid 19 is to do these activities at a safe social distance. Our most popular city parks have become too congested for safe social distancing, so branch out. Try a less well known trail or ride the many bicycle friendly streets of the metro.
The attached screenshot shows my ride for today. I was researching the impact of LRT construction on the routes around Hopkins. The ride was short, less than 12 miles, but note that I wasn’t close to any busy trails. I met cyclists along the way, but we easily stayed over 10 feet from each other.

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Updated Twin Cities Bike Trails

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 25th , 2020.

The Great Outdoors has not been canceled. Get outside. Breathe fresh air. Enjoy the sun, but keep your social distance.The most popular city parks are getting so crowded that keeping a safe distance is difficult, so try the less well known trails.
If you need suggestions, download the newly updated 2020 Twin Cities Bike Trails from Bikeverywhere and explore at a safe social distance. If you already have the map, download the update at no cost.

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2020 Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 24th , 2020.
Update to the 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map

The 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map reflects thousands of miles of research on new and existing bike trails and bicycle friendly roads since the July, 2019 update. New trails, trail alignments and bicycle friendly roads have been added and old routes retired. More highway symbols have been added to major roads to help with navigation on small screens. The 2020 update is free if you already have the 2019 version. All updates in 2020 will be free.

To update the 2019 Twin Cities Bike Map, go to “My Maps” and click on the “Updates Available” link. You have the option to replace the old version or add the new version and keep the old. Replacing the old version will save all placemarks, routes, lines and photos from the old version and add them to the new version automatically.

First time buyers, click Twin Cities Bike Map 2020 using the device you wish to download the map onto.

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New Bike Bridge for Kenilworth Trail

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 11th , 2020.
New Bike Bridge over Beltline Blvd
Looking east at new bike bridge over Beltline Blvd

Construction of the SW LRT line will include some improvements for the bike trail as well. The attached photos show construction of a new bike bridge across Beltline Blvd in St. Louis Park. This is the intersection where bicyclists had to cross two lanes of traffic, then wait in a center island until two lanes of traffic in the other direction cleared.

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Cannon Valley Moonlight Bike Ride

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 26th , 2019.
Picnic area at Miesville Ravine. Taken in the light of a bicycle headlight
Turf trail along the Mississippi River

The following story was published in the Star Tribune on November 21, 2019. It’s about an annual bike ride that takes place during the first full moon after the leaves fall.

The mobile map, Cannon Valley Bike Rides, shows all of the roads used at different times during the annual ride. The routes include the Cannon Valley Trail, gravel roads and paved roads. These routes can be mixed and matched to create endless options. All of the routes can also be ridden during daylight hours to take in the scenic beauty of the area.

Cannon Valley Trail in Cannon Falls
Dome house visible from the Cannon Valley Trail
Gravel Roads in the Cannon Valley area

Cannon Valley is about 40 miles south of the Twin Cities Metro.

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Fundraising party for the Cycling Museum of Minnesota

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 2nd , 2019.

Hi Viz, the fundraising party for the Cycling Museum of Minnesota is Thursday, November 14. Music, some cool old bikes, Hi Viz Costumes, prizes, silent auction and just plain fun with other cyclists. For more information, check out the Cycling Museum’s website

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Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 26th , 2019.

The mobile Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map has been updated with new trails and bike routes. Explore this old city with its modern Riverwalk, Lake Michigan shoreline and multi-branched Oak Leaf Trail, then head out to the country to explore State Bike Trails, the Kettle Moraine and challenging Holy Hills.

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Updated Forest Lake Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 21st , 2019.
Road near Scandia, MN

The Forest Lake 100 Bike Ride was the first map I created for the Avenza map store. It’s been popular, but 100 miles is a long ride. I’ve updated the map with multiple options to try out shorter routes, primarily in the area between Scandia and Forest Lake.

Blue Routes offer shorter alternates

Check it out. There are some beautiful roads in the area with low traffic, lake shore views, flat to rolling hills. Looking ahead, this will make for an amazing fall color bike ride. The map is free.

Stop in Forest Lake for refreshments or a swim
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Update Twin Cities Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 26th , 2019.

If you have the Twin Cities Bike Map on your phone, check your Avenza list of maps. You will notice an “Update Available” button on the Twin Cities Bike Map 2019. This is a new feature from Avenza. I updated the map yesterday and now everyone who has it will see that an updated version is available.

Update available

You will have two options: Update to a new version or add a new map. If you update to a new version, Avenza will automatically move all of your placemarks, routes, photos, etc to the new version. This is a significant improvement to the Avenza App because it allows you to keep everything you’ve saved on your map.

New Version

The middle screenshot shows ‘What’s new,” but you have to scroll down through the description to get to it.

What’s new

Updates are free through 2019, so take advantage of them when offered.

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Trail Closings 2019

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 26th , 2019.

The biggest news in 2019 trail closings is the closing of the Cedar Lake and Kenilworth Trails. These two popular corridors will be closed for up to three years due to construction of the Southwest LRT Trail. Closings and detours have been mapped on the Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map 2019.

Other Trail Closings: Minnehaha Bike trail at 28th Ave is closed until November, 2019. The bridge will be replaced and the bike trail will be rerouted so bicyclists can cross under 28th Avenue instead of at grade on this sometimes busy road. See the Twin Cities Bike Map for alternate routes.

The Glenwood Avenue Bridge near Downtown has been closed. This is part of the LRT construction project. The bridge could be closed for up to two years. Follow the pedestrian detour or the bike detour to get around the bridge.

Portions of the Gateway Trail and the Dinkytown Trail are closed. Follow the detour signs.

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