Twin Cities to Duluth Bike Tour

Riding your bike from the Twin Cities to Duluth is a right of passage for bicycle tourists. It’s a manageable distance, the route is relatively flat and the destination is great. This mobile map gives you the option to ride directly between the two cities on paved roads and bike trails or to stretch out the ride into a three day tour


The tour begins at the western trailhead of the Gateway Trail, just north of the Capitol in St. Paul and rolls northeast for an overnight camp at Interstate State Park in Wisconsin.  A convenient trail from the campground leads across the St. Croix River to Taylor’s Falls where bakeries, taverns and pubs will take care of most of your post ride needs. Day 2 returns to Minnesota for a long ride that avoids traffic using town roads (paved and unpaved) and a short stretch of the Willard Munger Trail, before spending the night in Banning State Park. Be sure to stop at the Hinckley Fire Museum for a fascinating and sobering account of the firestorm that destroyed a quarter of a million acres of forest and small towns in a raging inferno that sent flames four and half miles high. Day 3 finishes at the business and entertainment district of Canal Park in Duluth. Hwy 23 is a scenic road with rolling hills and one great overlook. Wisconsin and Minnesota State Parks have no turn-away policies for bicyclists, so you will be guaranteed a place to pitch a tent no matter how full the campground.

Download the mobile Twin Cities to Duluth Bike Tour

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