2020 Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map Available

Posted by Bikeverywhere, February 24th, 2020
Update to the 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map

The 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map reflects thousands of miles of research on new and existing bike trails and bicycle friendly roads since the July, 2019 update. New trails, trail alignments and bicycle friendly roads have been added and old routes retired. More highway symbols have been added to major roads to help with navigation on small screens. The 2020 update is free if you already have the 2019 version. All updates in 2020 will be free.

To update the 2019 Twin Cities Bike Map, go to “My Maps” and click on the “Updates Available” link. You have the option to replace the old version or add the new version and keep the old. Replacing the old version will save all placemarks, routes, lines and photos from the old version and add them to the new version automatically.

First time buyers, click Twin Cities Bike Map 2020 using the device you wish to download the map onto.

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