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Bikeverywhere’s mission is simple: Create the most accurate and easy to use bicycle maps possible. That means frequent updates, meticulous research, continuous adaptation of new technology and listening to users. It worked. Our maps have been carried in the backpacks and panniers of thousands of bicyclists for 35 years.

Twin Cities Bike Map

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Carry your maps on your phone. Bikeverywhere has teamed up with Avenza to bring over 20 maps to your phone.  The maps are GPS enabled, work even if there is no cell service, and track your ride.


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Twin Cities Bike Map

The Twin Cities Bike Map has been updated!

  • We’ve expanded the detailed urban side to show more of northeast Minneapolis and extended the map to the east to pickup critical river crossings.
  • Updated trails and bike routes throughout the metro area.
  • Added more road detail including new developments near the edge of the metro area.

Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

The 2019 Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map is available now. Download and get free updates throughout the year.


  • Detailed road and bike trail map of the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area
  • Works with your phone’s GPS, even if you lose cell service
  • Track your ride, or plot it out in advance
  • Customize with placemarks
  • Get $2.00 off if you upgrade from the 2018 Twin Cities Bike Map
  • Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map


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