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Twin Cities Bike Trails 2018

The recent completion of the Nine Mile Creek Regional Bike Trail triggered an update on the Twin Cities Bike Trails map. The new trail runs from Cedar Avenue in Richfield to the Mississippi River Bluffs Trail just west of Hopkins. The trail is unique in several ways. For starters, it has 1.7 miles of boardwalk crossing wetlands in the Edina area. It also runs through Richfield, offering residents in this inner ring suburb access to a high quality bike trail that connects to the Nokomis-Minnesota River Trail and numerous trails in the western suburbs. One unexpected highlight of the trail is the stretch near Southdale Mall and Centennial Lakes. The trail has the feel of a formal urban park with benches, fountains and pedestrian walkways.

The Twin Cities has a vast network of high quality bike trails that allow you to ride all day without traffic. The trails are well connected, so you can string together trail segments to form loops of nearly any length. The Twin Cities Bike Trails Map shows all of the state and regional trails in the metro area. It includes functional information such as parking lots, park entrances and descriptive information about each of the main trails. Download a copy to your phone or tablet to enjoy endless miles of car free bike riding. More Information

Trempealeau County Bike Rides   Free

Trempealeau County, in the heart of Wisconsin’s famed Driftless Area, is a road rider’s paradise. Low traffic, paved roads weave through narrow valleys and along the wide open spaces of ridge tops. The mosaic of farm fields in the valleys give way to woodlots on the hillsides and the southern tip of the county touches the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam #6. More Information

Explore More, a free supplement to Bikeverywhere mobile maps, lets you download locations for map highlights directly to your mobile map.

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The Twin Cities Bike Map has been updated!

  • We’ve expanded the detailed urban side to show more of northeast Minneapolis and extended the map to the east to pickup critical river crossings.
  • Updated trails and bike routes throughout the metro area.
  • Added more road detail including new developments near the edge of the metro area.


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    December 1, 2018

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  • Explore the east shore of Lake Minnetonka
    September 4, 2018

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  • New Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park

    The new Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park is an impressive building with the potential to strengthen outdoor activities in Minneapolis. This has been part of a long term project to bring mountain biking and cross country skiing into the city and make these sports available to a more ethnically and financially diverse group of users.… Read More »

  • Updated Twin Cities Bike Trails

    The mobile map Twin Cities Bike Trails 2018 has been updated. Based on feedback from users, the comments boxes have been removed and replaced with a single chart showing trail information and descriptions. This change makes navigating the map easier because the boxes aren’t covering essential areas. The map also reflects all new research on… Read More »

  • Trout Brook Trail Extended

    A short extension has been added to the Trout Brook Trail, which branches off the Gateway Trail just north of the State Capitol. Functionally, the only advantage is that riders can cross under Maryland Ave on the trail instead of crossing several lanes of traffic. The noteworthy addition is the artwork in the tunnel. Thanks… Read More »