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Bikeverywhere Launches Paddlesports Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 24th , 2020.
Overhang on Mississippi River

The Twin Cities is a paddler’s paradise, and I’m hooked. I’m still an avid, die hard cyclist, but take a look at these photos of parts of the Twin Cities that can’t be explored by bike and you’ll see why I’ve added paddling to my explorations. Being a map guy, I couldn’t resist creating the Twin Cities Paddlesports Map. It even has bicycle shuttle routes for folks who paddle downstream and want to ride their bikes back to the put in spot, so I’m not straying too far from my roots.

Marsh Marigold
Boat Launches and Scenic Spots

Twin Cities Paddlesports Map

Bicycle Shuttle Routes

Twin Cities Paddlesports Map

Unique Structure on the Rum River in Anoka
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Updated Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 18th , 2020.
Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

The Twin Cities Mobile Bike Map has been updated. The newest version shows the route of the Green Line Extension (LRT line) and road and trail changes related to construction of the line. There are also changes in over a dozen suburbs including trail additions and closures, bike friendly road changes and housekeeping changes such as signage.

This is a significant update and it’s free if you already purchased an earlier version of the map.If you haven’t already purchased the map, use the link below.

More Information

See all Bikeverywhere Mobile Maps

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Kayak from Dayton to Anoka

Posted by Doug Shidell, May 22nd , 2020.

Kayaked from Dayton to Anoka the other day on the Mississippi River, then used our bikes for the return shuttle. The wind pushed us downstream, but created a real battle on the return bike ride.
The photo is of a structure in the Rum River near the dam in downtown Anoka. Does anyone know what it is?
The screenshot is from a prototype Paddlesports map I’m developing. More on that later.

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Stillwater Lift Bridge to re-open

Posted by Doug Shidell, May 15th , 2020.

The Stillwater Lift Bridge will reopen to pedestrians and bicyclists in June. Final repairs are being done on the bridge now and a trail along the St. Croix River connects downtown Stillwater to the Hwy 36 Bridge. No need to climb the big hill to get out of town! The trail splits into an upper and lower trail next to Hwy 36. Both are good trails, but the lower one is closer to the river and quieter than the upper trail.
The new trail will be part of a June update to the mobile Twin Cities Bike Map.

Open soon to bikes and peds
New St. Croix loop trail

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Demontreville Lake Loop

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 9th , 2020.
Lake Jane

Looking for a couple of lakes to circle, but not the Mpls Chain of Lakes? Try the Demontreville/Lake Jane loop off the Gateway Trail, near the intersection of I694 and Hwy 36. The loop is approximately 7 miles around. More distance can be added by making a triangle with the Gateway Trail and South Av/40th St. Check your mobile Twin Cities Bike Map for details.

Demontreville Lake

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Mississippi River Near Anoka

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 3rd , 2020.
Mississippi river bottom. This is the only low spot subject to flooding

Love the Mississippi River, but not the crowds? Try this bike ride in Anoka. Mississippi West Regional Park is a little gem of prairie, woods and river bottoms. My ride started at Levee Rd, off Benton Rd, just after crossing the Hwy 169 bridge in Anoka. Note the parking- enough for four cars. Alternate parking in the park. Total distance about a dozen miles, including exploring residential streets off the NW corner of the park.

River viewing spot
Prairie grasses along Mississippi River Trail
Starting spot on Levee Rd just off Benton St.
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Try new routes for social distancing

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 2nd , 2020.

Even with Stay at Home directives, the governor and health officials encourage us to get outside to bike and hike. The key to stopping the spread of Covid 19 is to do these activities at a safe social distance. Our most popular city parks have become too congested for safe social distancing, so branch out. Try a less well known trail or ride the many bicycle friendly streets of the metro.
The attached screenshot shows my ride for today. I was researching the impact of LRT construction on the routes around Hopkins. The ride was short, less than 12 miles, but note that I wasn’t close to any busy trails. I met cyclists along the way, but we easily stayed over 10 feet from each other.

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Updated Twin Cities Bike Trails

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 25th , 2020.

The Great Outdoors has not been canceled. Get outside. Breathe fresh air. Enjoy the sun, but keep your social distance.The most popular city parks are getting so crowded that keeping a safe distance is difficult, so try the less well known trails.
If you need suggestions, download the newly updated 2020 Twin Cities Bike Trails from Bikeverywhere and explore at a safe social distance. If you already have the map, download the update at no cost.

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2020 Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 24th , 2020.
Update to the 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map

The 2020 version of the Twin Cities Bike Map reflects thousands of miles of research on new and existing bike trails and bicycle friendly roads since the July, 2019 update. New trails, trail alignments and bicycle friendly roads have been added and old routes retired. More highway symbols have been added to major roads to help with navigation on small screens. The 2020 update is free if you already have the 2019 version. All updates in 2020 will be free.

To update the 2019 Twin Cities Bike Map, go to “My Maps” and click on the “Updates Available” link. You have the option to replace the old version or add the new version and keep the old. Replacing the old version will save all placemarks, routes, lines and photos from the old version and add them to the new version automatically.

First time buyers, click Twin Cities Bike Map 2020 using the device you wish to download the map onto.

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New Bike Bridge for Kenilworth Trail

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 11th , 2020.
New Bike Bridge over Beltline Blvd
Looking east at new bike bridge over Beltline Blvd

Construction of the SW LRT line will include some improvements for the bike trail as well. The attached photos show construction of a new bike bridge across Beltline Blvd in St. Louis Park. This is the intersection where bicyclists had to cross two lanes of traffic, then wait in a center island until two lanes of traffic in the other direction cleared.

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