Mobile Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin

Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map

Milwaukee Art Museum
Explore the shore of Lake Michigan. Take in the Milwaukee Art Museum and ride Milwaukee’s signature Oak Leaf Trail. That will give you a taste for this historic city.
Atwater Beach
Follow up with an evening on Riverwalk, the two-mile celebration of Downtown and the Milwaukee River.

That’s just the beginning. Beyond the city limits you’ll find an extensive network of trails, numerous lakes, some hills and endless miles of low traffic, paved roads to explore. Take the Mobile Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map with you for endless exploring. It works with your phone’s GPS so you’ll always know where you are and the best bike routes near you.

Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map

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Try the Milwaukee Bike Route Sampler, a slice of the big map, for free. This will give you a feel for what the larger map has to offer.

Milwaukee Bike Route Sampler

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