Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour


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Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour part 1: Buffalo, NY to Johnstown, PA

Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour part 2: Johnstown, PA to Staunton, VA

Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour part 3: Staunton, VA to Yorktown, VA

This challenging bike tour starts near Niagara Falls, then climbs and follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains through western Pennsylvania, western Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia before ending at Yorktown. Along the way it passes through Allegheny State Park in New York, Flight 93 National Memorial Park near Shanksville, PA, and Punxsutawny PA, home of Phil the weather predicting ground hog.

The route follows mountain rivers and climbs and descends steeply graded inclines that require low gearing and solid brakes. If you’re strong enough to handle the challenges of this ride, you will be rewarded with stunning scenery on low traffic roads that are generally well maintained.

The route has been broken into three segments, each covering approximately 250 miles.

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