North Dakota
Safe Cycling
Bike Maintenance


Twin Cities Bike Club
Largest recreational bicycle club in the Twin Cities

Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores
Dedicated to serving the needs of the bicycling community in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin

Hiawatha Bicycling Club
Appeals to seasoned cyclists who like group riding but do not want to race.

Major Taylor Bicycling Club of MN
Promotes safe and fun cycling geared towards the African-American communities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists
Dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking in Minnesota Excellent site for information about the Willard Munger Trail

North Dakota

Great Plains Cycling Club
Focus is on competitive cycling in Road, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Bike and Time Trial in the Fargo Moorhead area.


Adventure Cycling Association
Inspiring people of all ages to travel by bicycle


Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
Advocacy group for Wisconsin bicyclists

Safe Cycling

This link was provided by Elizabeth and Patricia, two children who surfed the web to find helpful information on bicycle safety.
Is a Helmet Worth It

This link was provided by James, a student who surfed the web to find helpful information on bicycle safety.

Safety Resources for Cyclists

This link was provided by the bike storage company, a British Company. Although the information is specific to the UK, it has universal appeal, except for the references to riding on the left side of the road.

UK Bike Safety Guide

This link provided by Alex, who got a mountain bike for his eighth birthday and searched the internet for bicycle safety advice.

Bike Safety Guide

This link provided by Keith Higgins, a free lance writer from the UK. The site is hosted by Direct Line, an insurance company in the United Kingdom. The article is about protecting you bike from being stolen.

How to Prevent your Bike from Being Stolen

This link provided by the kids at The Brenham Community Center in Texas. The kids found this resource while researching bike safety sites online.

Biking for Kids

This link comes from the law firm Personal Injury Law. The article gives a thorough review of your options for finding and fitting a bicycle helmet, including information about the MIPS system from protection against rotational forces. It even mentions helmets with “hairports” or systems for fitting a helmet around pony tails.

Finding the Right Helmet

This link provided by an organization devoted to living more active lives.

Winter Biking Gear Essentials

This link provided by Chrissie, a volunteer at Camp Price.

Beginner’s Guide to Bicycling

Bike Maintenance

This link provided by Samantha Marcellino and  Miles Jacobson. Each found the site independent of each other and sent the link. The page has a lot of great bicycle maintenance information and links to sites with related information. Thanks to both Sam and Miles.

Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Maintenance