Update Twin Cities Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 26th, 2019

If you have the Twin Cities Bike Map on your phone, check your Avenza list of maps. You will notice an “Update Available” button on the Twin Cities Bike Map 2019. This is a new feature from Avenza. I updated the map yesterday and now everyone who has it will see that an updated version is available.

Update available

You will have two options: Update to a new version or add a new map. If you update to a new version, Avenza will automatically move all of your placemarks, routes, photos, etc to the new version. This is a significant improvement to the Avenza App because it allows you to keep everything you’ve saved on your map.

New Version

The middle screenshot shows ‘What’s new,” but you have to scroll down through the description to get to it.

What’s new

Updates are free through 2019, so take advantage of them when offered.

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