Updated mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 21st, 2016


The mobile Twin Cities Bike Map has been updated. This is the second update for 2016 and it includes some major changes. The reconstruction of I-35E has affected nearly every bike route in the area and changed the alignment of the Gateway Trail. The Gateway Trail now follows the eastern sound wall of I-35E between Cayuga Ave and Arlington Ave. The change to the Gateway Trail alignment was not completed at publication time, but the trail can be easily access by taking Cayuga Ave to the east side of the Interstate and looking for the trail. Signage and access will be improved during the summer.

I had to remove all road routes around the Velodrome in Blaine. The Blaine Sports Complex, which surrounds the Velodrome, draws thousands of soccer and hockey players every weekend creating high traffic on roads with no accommodations for bicyclists. On a recent research ride in the area, I did not feel the roads were safe for cyclists. Unfortunately, this isolates the Velodrome and makes it difficult for cyclists to ride to events at the track.

I also removed the Nicollet Mall as a bike route. The Mall is under construction and not a good route for bicyclists. I’ve added 4th Ave, however. It is a good alternate and provides a route through Downtown.

Several changes in NE Minneapolis. I removed Washington and Monroe as bike routes and used more of 5th. 5th is a designated bike route and has a bike specific signal at Broadway Ave.

Several minor changes in the Midway area, Bloomington, Edina, and the West Bank. The adjustments reflect changes in traffic patterns and some road changes.

The updated map is available through the PDF Maps Store. If you’ve already purchased the mobile 2016 Twin Cities Bike Map, uploads are free through the end of the year.

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