Recycling Bike Maps into- a Dress?

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 13th, 2012

Met singer/songwriter Brianna Lane at the 46th St Block Party yesterday. Vicky was carrying a prototype handbag made from the 2008 Twin Cities Bike Map and Brianna was studying it in detail. She wasn’t thinking handbags, however. Her thoughts had moved to a dress. Specifically, a dress for Interbike 2013, the bike industry’s biggest annual gathering in Las Vegas. She is booked for a gig at the event.

Brianna is no slouch on a bike. The bike is her main form of transportation and in September she leaves with Peter Mulvery on a bicycle/music tour through the back roads of Wisconsin. She travels 60-100 miles per day and still has energy left to play her gigs in the evening. Previous music/bike tours have taken her as far as Boston.

By the end of the night, Brianna had enough maps to create a dress, with a few extras to cover for any problems that she may encounter in designing and sewing the garment. She promised to send a picture of the map dress.

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