Northfield/Faribault Bike Routes for your Phone

Posted by Doug Shidell, October 28th, 2013

Bikeverywhere’s series of maps for your phone now includes the Northfield/Faribault area.

This map covers a lot of area, from Cannon Falls, at the start of the popular Cannon Valley Bike Trail, to Faribault and the start of the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail.  The terrain is flat to low rolling hills with a series of scenic lakes to the west of Interstate 35. Most of the bike routes are on low traffic, paved roads, but gravel grinders will  find a small selection of gravel roads that weave through farm country on very low traffic routes.

Northfield is home to St. Olaf College and Carlton College so it has an urban setting and cultural amenities not often found in a town of 20,000 people. The Mill Towns Trail winds through historic downtown and around Sechler Park, offering views of both the Cannon River and the railroad.  Paved and unpaved bike routes radiate in all four directions from downtown.

Faribault is slightly bigger than Northfield at 23,000 people but the culture is entirely different. It’s an attractive town with well established neighborhoods, and great cycling options. Head southwest to enjoy the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail. Follow one of the many scenic road routes to the west to circle a variety of lakes or explore the rolling hills and farm country of Rice County. None of the hills are extremely steep, but some can climb, or descend for nearly a mile.


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