New Trails in Brookfield

Posted by Doug Shidell, May 15th, 2010

Brookfield is one of the most challenging places in which to find safe and continuous bicycle routes. Most of the through roads are narrow with heavy traffic. Bike paths along the roads often start and then stop for no apparent reason. Stretches of road will have a bike lane on one side but not the other. These challenges are reflected in the often circuitous routes shown on the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin bike map, often using winding residential streets.

On the plus side, Brookfield continues to add to its bike trails, with an emphasis on trails through parks. As part of its Greenway Plan, a newly-built trail starts in Wirth Park (near the intersection of North Avenue and Pilgrim Road) and runs northwest to Calhoun Rd. This new trail is part of a marked route, called the Beverly Hills Trail, running between Wirth Park and Mitchell Park.

Another new trail in Brookfield follows Pilgrim Parkway between Bluemound Road and North Avenue.

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