Mobile Madison Bike Map Update

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 10th, 2015

Pheasant Branch CreekI spent a week recently in the Madison, Wisconsin area  and came away with a number of updates, primarily in the western half of the city and western Dane County. Special thanks to Francis Stanton, publisher of Eagle Eye Maps for route suggestions. Francis has been riding, researching and publishing bike maps of the Madison area for over 10 years. He suggested several roads that provided ideal east west connectors between existing bike routes in western Dane County. Check out his Ridge and Valley Rides atlas for loops that follow the most scenic, low traffic roads within 50 miles of Madison.

In addition to the route updates, I was able to add shaded relief information to the mobile Madison and Dane County Bike Map. Shaded relief gives a general sense of the terrain in an area. with this addition, you will be able to judge how many hills you will encounter on any ride. This is a significant addition for an area that is as hilly as western Dane County.

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