Martin Sabo Bridge Closed

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 20th, 2012

The Martin Sabo bike bridge over Hiawatha Ave broke a cable this morning or late last night and buckled. Traffic and trains were blocked from going under the bridge for the day. The bridge should be stable enough so crossing under it will be safe by tomorrow. Bicyclists, however, won’t have access to the bridge until the concrete surface is stabilized and repaired. The city hasn’t specified an official detour for bicyclists to date.

From the Midtown Greenway going east, I suggest turning right at 28th street and crossing Hiawatha Ave at grade. You can pick up the Greenway on the east side of Hiawatha.

Riders who prefer to cross on a bridge can go north to 24th St, cross on the bridge, then turn south on Minnehaha Ave. Minnehaha Ave connects with the Greenway on the east side of Hiawatha Ave. Accessing 24th Ave will be tricky until the Sabo Bridge is stabilized. After it is stabilized, riders can turn off the Greenway at 28th and follow the bike path to Hiawatha Ave, then turn north on the path that runs parallel to Hiawatha.

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