Luce Line Trail Extended

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 16th, 2009 2 responses

New Luce Line

New Luce Line alignment

The last link of the Luce Line Trail has been connected to Theodore Wirth Parkway. As of late June, a short stretch of the trail had been paved. the trail still needed striping and landscaping around the edges, but the trail appears to be rideable.

The Bassett Creek Trail, leading from the SE corner of Theodore Wirth to the Cedar Lake Trail, has been renamed the Luce Line Trail. It is now possible to ride from Downtown Minneapolis to Watertown on two trails, the Cedar Lake Trail and the Luce Line. I don’t have an exact distance, but it is close to 50 miles one way. The Luce Line Trail is paved to I-494, then turns to a new crushed limestone surface.

Because of the trail extension, I’ve removed the bike route designation on Duluth St. from Golden Valley Rd. to Douglas St. I’ve also removed Olympia St. and the stretch of Douglas connecting Duluth St to Olympia St. The Luce Line is a much more desireable route and will get riders to the same general area.

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2 Comments to “Luce Line Trail Extended”

  1. Hokan Says:

    I road the extension last month. What a crappy route. It zig-zags around and, at least last month, had few wayfinding signs. When another trail (or road) intersects the Luce Line, there is no sign telling you what trail (or road) you are crossing. In one case there’s a “y” trail intersection and you are left guessing which branch is the Luce Line.

  2. Brad Wilson Says:

    I think they’ve since posted signs. Though sometimes guessing and getting a little lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keeps your navigation skills sharp.