Introducing CrossRoads

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 14th, 2015

Bikeverywhere is proud to announce “CrossRoads,”  a new game for bicyclists.  CrossRoads incorporates the best of geocaching, crossword puzzles and scavenger hunt, and it’s all done on a bike.

The rules are easy: Find the map clue on the mobile CrossRoads map. Toggle your phone to the CrossRoads Puzzle to check the clue, then look around. The answer may be a sign, natural feature, a bench or part of a piece of artwork. Enter your answer in the CrossRoads puzzle and move on to the next clue.

It’s that easy, but don’t rush off to the next clue. CrossRoads is as much about exploring as it is about finishing a puzzle. Each CrossRoads is designed to show you around and maybe introduce you to a few things you didn’t know existed.

Try our first puzzle at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds has over 20 tree trunk carvings. Find them using the CrossRoads map, then check the clues for the correct answer in the puzzle. Get started at the Fairgrounds CrossRoads page on Bikeverywhere.

This is a new game, so I’m looking for feedback. Contact me with suggestions, comments and feedback.

Enjoy the game.

Doug Shidell

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