Explore the east shore of Lake Minnetonka

Posted by Doug Shidell, September 4th, 2018

Looking for a place for some unstructured exploring?Try the southeast shore of Lake Minnetonka and areas east. This is an area where you can wander around on low traffic roads that twist and dip and wind through towering trees and tony homesteads. The best places to explore are the peninsulas that define Lake Minnetonka’s iconic bays such as Gray’s Bay, Robinsons Bay and Carsons Bay.

The attached map shows a recent ride with Dave Olson. The route starts in Hopkins, works its way northwest, then drops down to cross the Gray’s Bay Dam. From there we wandered through Woodland, Deephaven and anywhere we thought might be interesting. This isn’t meant to be a tour guide, just a hint of where you can explore. The two red pins, or placemarks, mark the location of the stone arches shown below, two of the more unusual discoveries along the route.

Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

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