Construction on Drexel Ave blocks Oak Leaf Trail

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 13th, 2012

The southern leg of Milwaukee county’s Oak Leaf Trail follows Drexel Avenue. Construction has started on a new interchange that will connection I- 94 with Drexel, resulting in intermittent closings of Drexel between S 27th St and S 13th St. The Wisconsin DOT has posted a detour for cars but not for bicyclists. Unfortunately the car detour (north on 27th, east on Rawson, and south on 13th for those traveling towards Lake Michigan) does not work well for bikes, carrying heavy traffic and, in the case of 13th lacking a shoulder.

It appears that the best detour for bikes would be to go south on 27th, east on Puetz, north on Shepard, east on Forest Hill, and north on the power line bike trail to Drexel, for bicyclists traveling towards the lake. Those going away from the lake would take the same route in reverse. Note that Puetz Rd west of 27th lacks shoulders and can carry heavy traffic.

According to the DOT’s web site, Drexel will be closed until November.

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