Black Dog Rd Closes in July

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 17th, 2014

Black Dog Rd runs along the south side of the Minnesota River between Cedar Ave and I-35W. it has served the employees of the Blackdog Power plant, fishermen, birdwatchers, nature lovers and bicyclists for decades. It has always been a destination ride for me because of its close proximity to the river and it’s low traffic, paved surface.

Next month the road will be permanently closed to the public. The only vehicles permitted on the road will be employees of the power plant.

The beginning of the end began several years ago when heavy flooding washed out the road between the power plant and I-35W. The damage was never repaired and that section was closed to traffic. It was still possible to ride the closed section, but with each passing year the pavement crumbled more and weeds began growing in the cracks. Today, most of that section of road is potholed gravel.

The future, however, is not as bleak as it may seem. A path will run the length of the old road, providing access for bicyclists and pedestrians. Fishermen and bird watchers who depended on close access to their vehicles will have to stay closer to the public access points.

Cyclists looking for one last ride on the old Blackdog Road should make their pilgrimage soon, but come prepared for a gravel road experience.

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