Bikes Only Campsite at Carver Park Reserve

Posted by Doug Shidell, September 5th, 2017

Stopped by the bike camping site in Carver Park Reserve. The site has been expanded, adding more space for tents and at least two extra hammock options. The site also has a couple of picnic areas and the LRT trail from Hopkins has bike camping signs at The Depot and at the turn to the bike trails in Carver Park Reserve.

Darren Drummer, operations supervisor for Carver Park Reserve, has additional improvements in mind for the site, including pavers around the campfire and movable seating with backs (bicyclists rarely carry chairs on camping trips),

The site has been used over 35 nights since opening in June, which averages to about one out of every three nights. September and October are prime camping months, so the totals should go up. At $10 per tent and no reservations, this is the perfect site for a spontaneous overnight getaway.

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