Bicycling and Wisconsin’s Economy

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 2nd, 2010 1 response

A report released today by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that bicycling tourism combined with Wisconsin’s world-class bicycle industry contributes $1.5 billion to our state’s economic every year! To put this in perspective, the report compares bicycling to deer hunting which contributes $926 million and snowmobiling which contributes $250 million.

The report also states:

  • Bicycling creates 13,000 Wisconsin jobs
  • Non-residents spend $535 million on bike-related events, food, and lodging
  • 49% of Wisconsinites participate in recreational biking
  • A 20% increase in biking could increase economic activity by $107 million and create 1500 more jobs

My adult bicycling habit began in Wisconsin 40 years ago. I started as a bicycle commuter at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and within the first year Phil VanValkenberg,  one of Wisconsin’s best known bicycle gadflies, introduced me to bicycle touring in the rolling hills of Wisconsin’s Driftless area.  That hooked me, and that part of Wisconsin is still my favorite bicycling haunt.

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One Comment to “Bicycling and Wisconsin’s Economy”

  1. Eli Says:

    Doug, this is inspiring information. Not that I *need* outside verification, but it helps gainsay people who think bicycling is just a silly hobby.

    Any idea where I might find similar information for MN?