Bicycle Commuting-Weather

Posted by Doug Shidell, December 22nd, 2008

This is part three of a multi-part post on bicycle commuting.

Weather: What do you do when the wind is blowing, the rain is coming down at a sharp angle and the temperature is dropping rapidly? You drive! Seriously, as a beginning commuter you are dealing with a lot of new things like the new route to work, traffic, where to park your bike at the job, where to change your clothes and clean up. Don’t add bad weather to your challenges. Start as a fair weather commuter. Ride when the weather is comfortable, the sun is up and the wind is minimal.

  • Dial in the basics while establishing a habit of bicycle commuting.
  • Eventually bicycle commuting will work its magic on you. You will get hooked, and you will redefine “fair weather.” That’s when you can add a windbreaker for cool mornings or carry rain gear if the day begins overcast. You can add fenders to the bike if your definition of fair weather is occasional rain and attach a light if you want to continue the season when the days get shorter.

I’ll deal with dressing for weather, including winter riding, in a later post.

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