2011 Madison and Dane County Bike Map Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 4th, 2011

The updated 2011 Madison and Dane County Bike Map reflects the ever changing landscape of this bicycle friendly county. We’ve updated the trails, changed some routes to reflect changing traffic and bicycle patterns and made important design changes.

We’ve added Sun Prairie to the urban side of the map, making it much easier to follow the connections between this nearby suburb and the urban center. We’ve also cleaned up the graphics, changed some of the map symbols and generally made the map easier to use.

This is the third edition of the Madison and Dane County Bike Map and it keeps evolving to meet the needs of Madison area cyclists. Some things, however, haven’t changed. We’ve kept the popular tear and water resistant paper. It will hold up to the most rugged daily use, stay fresh in your panniers or jersey pocket and show you the way home even in a drenching downpour.

We’ve also maintained the focus on field research and user needs when evaluating bike routes for inclusion in the map. Roads that don’t meet our standards have been eliminated and new routes developed. New and expanded trails have been added. The transitions from the urban side of the map to the rural county roads are easy to follow and every road or trail leads somewhere. The Madison and Dane County Bike map won’t abandon you on a road that suddenly turns ugly.

The new Madison and Dane County Bike Map is available at bike shops and bookstores throughout the county, or you can buy it online here at bikeverywhere.com

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