What’s the Difference?

The 2011 Madison and Dane County Bike Map gives users a feel for the PDF Maps app and a no-cost look at our mobile map. Between 2011 and July of 2015, the map had four updates.  Each update reflects changes in bike routes and bike trails plus readability changes, or refinements, to make the map user experience more intuitive. Most route changes are small adjustments, such as the removal of roads around Hwy 143  where the trail was more appropriate. Others are more significant, such as the extension of the Southwest Corridor and the addition of new east/west connectors through the hills of western Dane County. There are also readability changes, such as the addition of terrain information, a valuable asset when planning a route or considering a mid course change on the ride.

I began tracking the changes in 2015. Those changes are listed below. They do not reflect any of the changes that happened in 2012, 2013, or 2014.

June 26, 2015

Fish Hatchery Rd, change symbols around Hwy 12/18 to CR

Remove Lacy Rd Bike Route between D and Syrene

Cleaned up area around Hwy 143 west, removed roads where trail is more appropriate.

Added Swettler Rd, Knutson Rd and Pinnacle Rd. These three roads create good east west connectors and they embrace the terrain of western Dane County (i.e. Very Hilly)

Added several more roads in western Dane County to offer east west connectors. These are very hilly additions.

Changed shape of Cherokee Marsh Park, and Wisconsin Riverway to more accurately reflect actual shape.

Changes around Waunakee based on suggestions from Ridge and Valley Rides author Francis Stanton (Eagle Eye Maps).

New routes around Ridgeway, Sun Prairie, and De Forest based on suggestions from Francis Stanton.

Added terrain information.

July 7, 2015: New Routes Published