Two Women and Their Bikes

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 9th, 2011

“Be careful, the gap is narrow.” It was the kind of remark a mother would make to her child, but when I looked, I saw two young adult women coming up the sidewalk toward me. The narrow gap was the handicap ramp from the street to the curb.  The woman in the back was riding a low slung one speed city bike with swept-back handlebars and large fenders. She rode in high heeled shoes and a short skirt, one hand on the handlebar and one holding a cup of coffee.

“EEEE!” the woman in front squealed. ” A  hill!”  A hill? I looked up the street and realized the woman was referring to the 15 foot rise on the other side of the intersection. I felt envious. These two women were having more fun and adventure on the sidewalk by my house than I’ve felt on most rides for years. It was if the bikes had taken them back to a childhood age where the smallest adventure was a thrill.

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