Twin Cities Bike Maps in apartment bike rooms

Posted by Doug Shidell, May 10th, 2016

Live Green Apartments recently ordered 67 laminated Twin Cities Bike Maps for newly built bike rooms in their apartment complexes. The bike rooms have floor and wall racks for bikes and hooks for bike helmets. This is a first, to my knowledge, in the Twin Cities. Kudos to the managers for their progressive approach to apartment management.

According to Leah Gannon of Live Green Apartments: This building is 2124 Como Ave in St Paul. We contacted the people at Smart Trips for ideas, and they were able to send us a PDF of “best practices” for bike racks/storage. We used that info and chose the things that would best fit our space, but still give residents some options. The racks are bolted to the floor for stability and we just followed the instructions for mounting the wall hooks.




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