Twin Cities Bike Map for Your Phone

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 25th, 2013

The Twin Cities Bike Map is now available for your phone. This is a prototype, so I’m offering it for free and looking for feedback. The map covers Minneapolis, St. Paul and the inner ring suburbs, roughly defined by Hwy 169 to the west and the Interstate 494/694 loop to the south, east and north. It is at the same scale and detail as the detailed side of the paper Twin Cities Bike Map, but it carries the detailed labeling further west.

Version 1.0 is a prototype. The routes and trails are current, but it still needs design work. My goal is to make the file size smaller for your phone, improve the labeling and appearance and add a legend. This version is free for testing and feedback.

Get the app, then get the map.  Go to the App store or Google Play and search for “Avenza.” Download the free app, then go to the Avenza Map Store (look for the store icon at the bottom of the page). Search for “Bikeverywhere” in the search box. You will see all the maps developed so far by Bikeverywhere.

Problems? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me through this site or on Facebook. I’m looking to make this the best bike map you will ever use on your phone. Your feedback will help me make the improvements that you want the most.

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