Stillwater Map Changes

Posted by Doug Shidell, September 25th, 2012

I just got back from researching Stillwater and roads south. The trip generated several changes: Two roads were misnamed. Coming into Stillwater from the south, Beach Rd turns into 4th Av. The current map lists it as Paris Av. Going north on 4th, turn left on Orleans St, not 66th St as shown on the map.

A little further north, 2nd St drops down the infamous Chilcote Hill, well known to anyone who has watched the Stillwater stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix. I considered taking it off the map and finding a less demanding route, but the hill is a well known challenge and many cyclists would like to know if they, too, could climb it.

I added Nelson St, near the bottom of the hill, as a good route to get down to the riverfront without going on the high traffic Main or Chestnut Streets.

I also extended the 2nd St bike route north to Laurel St and went west on Laurel to Owens. The additions create a nice access to downtown and the riverfront if coming into Stillwater from the north or west. I will consider removing Myrtle St as a bike route into Stillwater from the west end once the connector trail is complete between the Gateway Trail and downtown Stillwater. For now, however, Myrtle St is the most direct connection between Stillwater and the Gateway Trail.

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