Powderhorn Park Cyclocross Race

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 26th, 2008

The Powderhorn Park Cyclocross Race, an immensely popular race in south Minneapolis, may be canceled because the Powderhorn Park Director has refused to grant a permit this year.

The Hub Bike Co-op has put on this unique Cyclocross race for three years. The race draws a large crowd of beginning and high level cyclocross racers, but the real draw is the funky, urban setting, an eclectic crowd of spectators that includes bike messengers, tattoes and nose rings and unique “primes” like last year’s dollar bills duct taped to hand rails on a steep uphill stair climb. The event is big enough to draw pizza vendors and inspire local residents to break out grills and kegs. If the event got any bigger, it would risk drawing office seeking politicos, a sure buzz killer.

The Parks and Recreation Board denied the permit because of damage to park grounds during last year’s race. Joel Cahalan of the Hub attributes the damage to record rainfall before last year’s event. He has offered to mitigate the problem by creating a rain date this year. Supporters of the event spoke at a Park and Recreation Board Open Time meeting in Mid-August and Calahan has worked the politcal system to get a new ruling. The permit request is in limbo as of this writing.

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