Planning for Bike Routes through NE Minneapolis

Posted by Doug Shidell, September 1st, 2008

Mike Rainville of the Northeast Bicycle Task Force is looking for interested neighbors to be part of the final planning of the Northeast bicycle boulevards, bike lanes, and bicycle-trail planning initiatives. The Northeast Bicycle Task Force, the City of Minneapolis and the TLC have been working together for a long time on planning, and also to secure the funds to finally bring bicycle commuter routes to Northeast. They are especially interested in participation from Audubon Park residents who are avid recreational bicyclists, commuters, and also residents on both Fillmore and Polk Streets.

The meetings of this group have yet to be determined and will run from this fall through the spring. If you would like to participate in the final planning: please contact Laura at the ANA Office, or leave her a phone message 612-788-8790, including your email address and we’ll make sure you receive upcoming meeting information.

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