New Updates for Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, October 9th, 2015 2 responses

The mobile Twin Cities Bike Map has been updated. This is the third update for 2015, the last one was in August. Updates since August include:

Added 26th St and 28th St through the heart of south Minneapolis. These were high traffic one way streets that weren’t comfortable for most cyclists. The streets have been retro-fitted with wide, protected, bike lanes and now provide quick, comfortable routes across town.

Also added Broadway and Lowry Ave. in North and Northeast Minneapolis as bike routes. The City has also retro-fitted these routes with protected lanes.

New route along the scenic St. Croix River near Afton. This is very hilly country, but exceptionally beautiful.

Removed or changed a number of trails and roads around the Chaska area. As traffic increases in the area, some previously good roads have become uncomfortable.

Added new legend and North Arrow to the map.

Numerous smaller changes across the metro area.

This will be the last update for 2015. If you already have the 2015 mobile map, you can download the updated map for free. If you don’t have it, download now for the most up-to-date bike map of the Twin Cities area.

Download the mobile 2015 Twin Cities Bike Map

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2 Comments to “New Updates for Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map”

  1. hokan Says:

    Broadway and Lowry have protected lanes? That’s news to me.

    North Lowry has regular bike lanes; NorthEast Lowry has no bike lanes.

    Broadway has no bike lanes of any kind.

    Perhaps you’re thinking of N. Plymouth / N.E. 8th?

  2. Doug Shidell Says:

    My mistake. Lowry Bridge has a separated bike lane/ pedestrian walkway, but striped lanes elsewhere. Broadway doesn’t have bike lanes.