Mississippi Market and Bikes

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 11th, 2011 1 response

Mississippi Market, the food coop on W. 7th st in St. Paul, has always supported bicycling, but they seem to have taken that support to an extra level recently. This photo shows a public workstand, complete with tools and a floor pump for inflating tires. It’s not a bike shop mechanic’s stand, but for the DYI commuter bicyclistwho needs air in the tires or a quick tune-up, it’s a perfect set up. Obviously someone at Mississippi Market understands the needs of bicyclists beyond bike racks and lanes.

Mississippi Market has carried the Twin Cities Bike Map for years along with other guides to aid bicyclists. Thanks Mississippi Market.

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  1. DI Says:

    The Seward Co-op (Grocery & Deli), on E. Franklin @ Riverside in Mpls., has had a bike repair stand since they opened their new store several years ago.

    They’ve also partnered with Mpls-based Dero Bike Racks on the Dero ZAP biking incentive program to encourage biking to the co-op.