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Posted by Doug Shidell, June 21st, 2010 1 response

42nd St Bridge across Mississippi River just north of Minneapolis is closed for reconstruction. It appears to be closed for the season. Two river crossing options include going north to I-694 or south to Lowry Ave.  (CORRECTION: The Lowry Bridge isn’t complete.  The next bridge to the south is Broadway. Thanks to Hokan (see comment below) for the correction)

The Loring Park Bike and Pedestrian Bridge connecting Loring Park near downtown Minneapolis and the walker Art Center Sculpture Garden has been closed for reconstruction. The work will include replacing wooden decking and touch-up painting. The closure will last about one month. Riders can cross at the major intersection of Vineland/15th and Hennepin/Lyndale Ave.Crossing lights are available, but the intersection is wide and should be navigated carefully.

40th St. S, just west of the town of Afton, is closed between Neal and Trading Post Trail for repaving. The pavement has been removed and deep trenches and loose dirt make it impassable. No word on when the road will re-open. The inconvenience is offset by a dramatic reduction in traffic on the rest of 40th St. S.

Neal Ave. S (near Afton) between 50th and 70th has been repaved. Current versions of the Twin Cities Bike Map indicate that it has rough pavement. That is no longer true. The 2011 version of the map will not have the warning.

S. Robert St in St. Paul is under construction. although it is not a bike route, traffic from this busy road has been re-directed onto Rich Valley Rd, a bike route. Rich Valley Rd now has a considerable amount of traffic and is not desireable for riding. The  detour may exist through most of the 2010 riding season.

Flooding this spring on Black Dog Rd along the south side of the  Minnesota River broke up the asphalt in a number of places. The road is stil rideable, but portions are now gravel instead of asphalt. The road won’t be repaired before 2011, at the earliest.

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  1. hokan Says:

    The Lowry replacement bridge hasn’t been built yet, so that’s not an option. The next bridge to the south is Broadway.