NW Twin Cities Map Updates

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 30th, 2012

Just got back from talking with Kevin O’Connor from Gear West. He spent over an hour discussing the routes he rides in the northwest corner of the Twin Cities Bike Map.

Three important deletions came out of the discussion:

I will remove Willow Drive between Highways 6 and 24. Traffic has increased dramatically during rush hour and the road doesn’t have shoulders.

Kevin recommended removing a section of Highway 19 near the northwest corner of Baker Park Reserve. The bike path along that stretch is much better.

He strongly recommended removing a section of Hwy 101 at the I-94 interchange. This change will require more research because it cuts off access to the western end of South Diamond Lake Road.

He also recommended a couple of scenic new roads, told me about new bike paths and new pavement in the area and confirmed that many of the suggested routes are still great riding roads.

Thanks Kevin and Gear West.

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