Twin Cities Bike Trails_2017

The mobile Twin Cities Bike Trails 2016 is now available on Avenza maps.

Trails overview


This map shows all the paved and mountain bike trails in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Paved trails include

  1. State trails like the Luce Line and Gateway Trails
  2. Regional trails like the Dakota Rail Trail and Big Rivers Trail
  3. Three Rivers Parks Trails like those in Baker Park Reserve and Elm Creek Park Reserve
  4. Urban trails in Minneapolis and St. Paul. including the Midtown Greenway and Cedar Lake Trail


All major trails show trailheads, amenities, park entrances, parking and a general overview. Paved trail overviews include trail length, surface, connections to other trails and a general description of the terrain and landscape.


Lebanon Hills

Mountain Bike Trails: Shows the exact alignment,* trailheads, park entrances, amenities and overview information. Mountain bike trail overviews show trail length, difficulty, winter use, and general trail descriptions.

Twin Cities Bike Trails 2017

*Mountain bike trails are accurate to the degree possible at this scale. You should be able to determine where you are, but may not be able to pinpoint your location along the trail.

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