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Volunteer to do Winter Conditions Study

Posted by Doug Shidell, December 13th , 2015.

You can help the City of Minneapolis improve conditions for winter cyclists by volunteering on a pilot study for the City. These are the details as published in a recent newsletter from the City.

The City of Minneapolis is seeking volunteers to participate in the 2015-16 Bicycle and Pedestrian Winter Conditions Study Pilot. As part of a larger bicycle and pedestrian winter maintenance research project, the City is conducting a field study to document the winter conditions of our bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The study will include over 90 locations across Minneapolis. We need  volunteers to help us document the snow and ice on our streets, sidewalks and trails. Volunteers will sign up to conduct 5-minute observations at locations of their choosing (pick one on your commute!) throughout the winter.

To learn more and sign up to volunteer, simply complete this form.

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Biking to the Mall of America

Posted by Doug Shidell, December 8th , 2015.

20151206_180035_HDRThe addition of the new north wing to the Mall of America makes the Mall more accessible to bicyclists. It is no longer necessary to cross multiple lanes of traffic or circle the ring road around the Mall to get near an entrance. And the Mall has added a small number of bike racks.

From the 12th Ave bike route go east on American Blvd to Thunderbird Rd.  Turn south. The road skirts parking lots and construction. Turn left at the T intersection, then turn right at the first stop sign. if you’ve made it all the way to the stop light, you’ve gone too far.The route to the bike parking is indirect but if you focus on the T shaped transit and taxi stand you will get there. They’re by the top of the T. The racks are stylish and in a well-lit area. A small, but steady, stream of pedestrians travel between the Mall and taxis or charter buses creating a comfortable environment for you and your bike. The racks will accommodate U-locks.

I’ve used the racks a couple of times and always found one or two bikes parked there. The walk from the bike rack to the Mall entrance is short and pleasant. The route into the mall will be available in the mobile Twin Cities Bike Map 2016 (available in January 2016) and will appear on the paper maps when they are reprinted.

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