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Trails in the Delafield area

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 27th , 2011.

I just rode the newly paved middle section of the Lake Country trail. The trail is now paved throughout its length (except for a short detour near county P). While the trail is mostly a rail-to-trail conversion with mild grades, the newly paved portion follows a power line directly over a moraine next to the Nagawaukee golf course. So it is quite steep (I am told the state denied a grant application because the grade did not meet standards), but still much nicer paved.

In the same area, the trail along Cushing Park Rd between the Lake Country trail and the Glacial Drumlin trail is mostly open (one bridge was still unfinished when I looked but is easy to get around by taking the road). A side trail leads across the park to connect with the road up Lapham Peak.

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Bikeverywhere at the State Fair

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 22nd , 2011.

Learn about the bike trails of the Twin Cities and the new bike exploring options offered by the North Star Commuter Rail  on Tuesday, August 30 at the Minnesota State Fair. I’ll be presenting two shows, at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm, on the Sustainability Stage in the Eco-Experience building. The building is located in the northeast corner of the fairgrounds near the Fine Arts Building.

While you’re there, talk to the folks at the Metro Transit booth. They will show you how easy it is to take your bike on North Star and they’ll have copies of my brochure “North Star, You , Your Bike” for viewing. Ask for the business cards with a discount code for ordering the brochure from

Bike parking is free at the State Fair. The closest lot to the Eco- Experience Building is Lot #3 at the intersection of Hoyt Ave and Snelling Ave. You can also park at Snelling Ave and Como Ave or at Commonwealth and Gortner near the UM St. Paul Campus.

Stick around after the talk to say Hi and talk bike trails. See you at the State Fair.

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Brown Deer Trail extension

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 19th , 2011. One response

An extension of the Brown Deer Trail is now paved and ready to open between Brown Deer Rd and Brown Deer Park. This is good news for several reasons. It eliminates the need for a potentially dangerous left turn between Green Bay Ave and the old village center of Brown Deer. It also means that the Interurban trail system is connected to Milwaukee county’s Oak Leaf Trail. Finally, the Interurban Trail system now runs from Brown Deer Park to Oostberg in Sheboygan County (with a few on-street interruptions).

(cross-posted at Wisconsin Bike Routes)

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Heartland Velo Show Comes to Madison

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 10th , 2011.

The Heartland Velo Show will be coming to Madison, WI August 27-28th: The show features frames, components, apparel and accessories from the independent bike market. The weekend long event will also feature demonstrations, panel discussions, seminars and, because it’s Wisconsin, beer and entertainment. The show will bring together aficionados, enthusiasts and casual riders in a celebration of the Madison bike scene.

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New Underpass Completed on Oak Leaf Trail

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 9th , 2011.

This just in from Marty Weigel:

The new underpass on the Oak Leaf @ Bluemound Rd. (app 12200 West in Tosa)
is open. Fresh asphalt, allows safer, uninterrupted travel under busy
Bluemound Rd. next to Underwood Creek.

The Oak Leaf Trail is the premier bike trail in the Milwaukee area. The underpass will make cycling near Blue Mo0und Rd much safer and more pleasant.

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Two Women and Their Bikes

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 9th , 2011.

“Be careful, the gap is narrow.” It was the kind of remark a mother would make to her child, but when I looked, I saw two young adult women coming up the sidewalk toward me. The narrow gap was the handicap ramp from the street to the curb.  The woman in the back was riding a low slung one speed city bike with swept-back handlebars and large fenders. She rode in high heeled shoes and a short skirt, one hand on the handlebar and one holding a cup of coffee.

“EEEE!” the woman in front squealed. ” A  hill!”  A hill? I looked up the street and realized the woman was referring to the 15 foot rise on the other side of the intersection. I felt envious. These two women were having more fun and adventure on the sidewalk by my house than I’ve felt on most rides for years. It was if the bikes had taken them back to a childhood age where the smallest adventure was a thrill.

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Old Sauk Rd closed for construction

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 9th , 2011.

Old Sauk Rd, between Timber Lane and Pioneer Rd has been closed for the foreseeable future according to Mike Gengler, ride chair for the Bombay Bicycle Club in Madison, Wisconsin. The reconstructed road will be four to eight feet wider. Old Sauk Rd is a popular escape route from the Madison/Middleton area to points in western Dane County.

The suggested detour is to take Timber Lane to Mineral Point Rd, Mineral Point to Pioneer and Pioneer back to Old Sauk Rd.

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Detours and Path Construction

Posted by Doug Shidell, August 2nd , 2011.

From the City of Minneapolis;

Bicycling Update Subscribers,

On Monday, August 8th, bicycle and pedestrian path reconstruction will begin at the southwest corner of Loring Park, across from the Walker Art Center. A short detour for bicyclists and pedestrians will be posted. Construction is expected to last for 2 to 4 weeks.

The goal of construction is to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians entering and leaving Loring Park.  This will be accomplished by providing more space for waiting, a wider curb ramp, and clearly designated paths through the area. For more information visit the project website.

On Monday, August 8th, the Hiawatha LRT Trail will close between 11th Avenue and 15th Avenue for construction related to the Central Corridor LRT. Construction is expected to last through 2012. A detour route  will run along 5th Street and 11th Avenue.

Happy Riding,

City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program

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