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Bryant Ave Ped Bridge Closed

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 10th , 2008.

Minneapolis bicyclists looking for a bike route across Minnehaha Creek no longer have the option to cross on the Bryant Ave. Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge was closed a couple of days ago for safety reasons.

After reports that the bridge swayed as much as 12 inches when people crossed it, Minneapolis Parks & Rec inspected the bridge and closed it immediately after the inspection report.

At this point there is no information available about when, or even if, the bridge will open again. The parks and Rec does not have engineers on staff, so a consultant has to be hired to evaluate whether the bridge can be repaired or has to be replaced. Hiring a consultant requires a bid process that could take several months.

If the bridge can be repaired, Parks & Rec may do the work themselves. If it has to be replaced, a contractor will be hired, requiring another bid process. Reconstruction could take even longer if Minneapolis parks & Rec has to find additional funds in its budget.

Local residents reported that kids intentionally rocked the bridge back and forth for entertainment prior to the bridge closing.

Cyclists can cross Minnehaha Creek at Lyndale Ave or Pleasant Ave downstream or on the creek level bike bridge upstream.

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Bike to the Movies with Gary Fischer

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 8th , 2008. 4 responses

This is a fund raiser for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin presented by Trek Bicycle Stores of Madison. The evening starts with a bike ride from the Trek Bicycle Store East to the Eastgate Cinema to see Klunkerz, a movie about the rise of mountain biking from its Marin County roots. Fischer bike founder Gary Fischer will be in attendance and will ride with the group to the cinema. Considering the size of Mr. Fischer’s ego, and his relentless efforts to establish himself as THE founder of mountain biking, expect the movie to feature him prominently.

After the movie, a drawing will be held for a Gary Fischer Monona bike. All proceeds go to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

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ArtCrank Poster Party Saturday night

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 3rd , 2008.

One On One Bikes continues its unique blend of bikes, coffee and art gallery with a new show starting Saturday night, April 5. ARTCRANK, a poster party for bike people, will feature bike related posters from 34 artists, music by Keston Westdal, Beer by Rush River Brewing Company and a photo booth by Scott Haraldson. One on One always puts on a good party and it’s readily accessible by bike. The show runs through May 3.

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