Bikeverywhere Launches Paddlesports Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 24th, 2020
Overhang on Mississippi River

The Twin Cities is a paddler’s paradise, and I’m hooked. I’m still an avid, die hard cyclist, but take a look at these photos of parts of the Twin Cities that can’t be explored by bike and you’ll see why I’ve added paddling to my explorations. Being a map guy, I couldn’t resist creating the Twin Cities Paddlesports Map. It even has bicycle shuttle routes for folks who paddle downstream and want to ride their bikes back to the put in spot, so I’m not straying too far from my roots.

Marsh Marigold
Boat Launches and Scenic Spots

Twin Cities Paddlesports Map

Bicycle Shuttle Routes

Twin Cities Paddlesports Map

Unique Structure on the Rum River in Anoka
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