High Praise from Minnesotans

Posted by Bikeverywhere, November 27th, 2020

Just for fun. None of these are real

It’s OK

Dave, a satisfied reader

Not that bad

Don, an enthusiastic reader

It has a lot of talking in it, but that’s OK.

Betty, another writer with a pretty good book.

If you forced me to read it a second time, I probably wouldn’t hate you for too long.


The author is, like, as old as my grandmother so, like, I’m not going to say anything bad about the book, but the chapters are too long. They should be, like, the length of a FB post if you want to attract a younger crowd. And the humor, OMG. Get to the point. Only old people need, like, a full paragraph for a joke. You won’t find me RAOTFL if you can’t get to the punchline in five words or less, preferably less.

BTW, learn FB Eng. Your never going to make it if you write the hole word every time. Only old folks read that stuff anymore, and their dying off.


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