Little Transport is now “bikeverywhere”

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 17th, 2008 2 responses

Little Transport Press is now bikeverywhere

Little Transport Press is now bikeverywhere! Since 1984 Little Transport Press has been publishing high quality bicycle maps and guidebooks for the upper Midwest. The goal of our publications has been to produce the most accurate, easy-to-use maps of bike friendly roads and trails in the Upper Midwest. That hasn’t changed. We keep investing in new tools for researching and developing bike maps and books and we spend endless hours on the road updating the maps and discovering new routes. What has changed is that we have expanded into new cities (Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and new products. This year we’ve introduced download-able maps.

Our new name-bikeverywhere- reflects an old philosophy. We believe that the bicycle offers unlimited opportunities: for exploring, exercise, running errands, getting to work and experiencing the world on the most versatile and efficient vehicle available to humans. Our website will reflect our broader scope as we add information and interactive opportunities that go beyond traditional publishing. Check back often. We’ve just begun.

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2 Comments to “Little Transport is now “bikeverywhere””

  1. Ben Cyr Says:

    Where can I buy the Twin Cities Bike Map locally?

  2. Doug Shidell Says:

    Hi Ben,
    Click on the “Minnesota” link at the top of the Home page. Then click on “Bike Shops in Minnesota.” You will go to a map of all bike shops in the Metro area that carry the bike map. If your favorite shop isn’t listed, you can still ask them to order a copy from you. All of the major bike shop distributors carry the map, so your shop can add one to their list of other products when they place an order.

    You can also order thorough local bookstores, Barnes & Noble and even some gift stores like Bibelot. Thanks for your interest.