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Traditional maps

Printed on tear and water resistant paper. All routes have been field tested by experienced cyclists.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Updated to capture the ever-changing landscape of cycling in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Twin Cities Bike Map

The 2015 Twin Cities Bike Map is in stock!

$11.95 — $15.00

The 2015 Twin Cities Bike Map is in stock!

Here are some of the highlights:

*We’ve expanded the detailed urban side to show more of northeast Minneapolis and extended the map to the east to pickup critical river crossings.
* Updated trails and bike routes throughout the metro area.
* Added more road detail including new developments near the edge of the metro area.

Here’s what hasn’t changed:

*We’ve kept the same tear and water resistant paper that will keep your map fresh, readable and intact whether you carry it in a sweaty jersey pocket or stuff it into an overloaded pannier.
* The price
* Our commitment to providing Twin Cities bicyclists with the most up-to-date, accurate and readable map possible.

Heavy duty 3 mil lamination makes the laminated version the perfect map for your wall or coffee table. Available April of 2014.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro
Area Covered:
Approximately 30 miles N-S X 40 miles E-W
34″ X 24″ Two sided map on tear and water resistant Polyart paper

Madison, Wisconsin

Explore one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the United States, then branch out to Dane County, a cyclist’s mecca.

Madison and Dane County Bike Map

The 4th Edition, printed on tear and water resistant paper, reflects the ever-changing landscape of this city that lives and moves by bicycle. expanded urban detail goes south to Verona and Fitchburg, updated routes and trails and more landmarks to make getting around town easier than ever.

$10.95 — $14.00

Madison, Wisconsin has bicycling dialed in. Where else can you find a bicycle round about, “Bike” crossing lights at intersections, the uniquely urban State Street connecting the University and the State Capitol and bicycle escape routes to get you into the country?

Dane County is the perfect complement to urban Madison. Head west into the Driftless Area, a land of challenging hills, small scale farms, trout creeks and wooded hillsides, all connected by a network of paved, low traffic roads.

This is a city that loves bicycles and the 4th edition of the Madison and Dane County Bike Map reflects all of the changes and improvements that the city has made to encourage even more cyclists to ride even more often. Whether you live in the area, or plan a visit, the Madison and Dane County Bike Map will become a trusted companion on all of your rides.

Madison, Dane County and the eastern edge of Iowa County
Area Covered:
Approximately 35 miles N-S X 42 miles E-W
34″ 24″ two sided tear and water resistant map on Polyart paper