What’s the Difference?

The 2013 Twin Cities Bike Map_sampler gives new map users a feel for the PDF Maps app and a no-cost look at our mobile maps. The map area is limited to the core cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul while the current version of the Twin Cities Bike Map covers the entire metro area from the St. Croix River to west of Lake Minnetonka. The 2013 map is no longer being maintained and does not reflect the latest changes in bike routes and trails around the metro area.

The current version of the map is updated approximately 3 times per year. Each update reflects changes in bike routes and bike trails plus readability changes, or refinements, to make the map user experience more intuitive. Most route changes are small adjustments, such as the addition of Riverside Ave as a bike route in 2014, but others are more substantial, such as the addition of mountain bike routes for 2016.





This is also a good example of readability changes. Note that the red bike route lines are narrower and light, making them less intrusive, but still highly visible for navigating. The heavy green line on I-94 in the 2013 map is a bike bridge across the Interstate.  The updated map displays a light line, making it easier to see as a path.

Some route changes are more significant: The images below show the addition of the River Bottoms Mountain Bike Trail and Shingle Creek Trail. This part of the metro area is not shown on the 2013 map. The green spaces representing parks and landmarks have also been scaled back to create a more pleasing visual effect.

River Bottoms_2015

River Bottoms_2016

Shingle Creek_2015

Shingle Creek_2016

The map will continue to be updated throughout the year. Updates are free after the initial purchase.