Updated Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 11th , 2016.

Screenshot_2016-06-11-10-31-28The mobile Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map has been updated. Updates include new trails, adjusted road routes and numerous tweaks to improve readability. If you’ve already download the 2016 Milwaukee Map, you can download the updated version for free. This is the ideal accessory for exploring the Lake Michigan shoreline, the Milwaukee River, Summerfest or trendy downtown Milwaukee.

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Twin Cities Bike Trails

Posted by Doug Shidell, January 12th , 2016.

New for 2016!Trails overview


The Twin Cities Trail Map shows all the paved and mountain bike trails in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This comprehensive map covers state, regional and urban bike trails and all major mountain bike trails in the metro area.

Quickly discover where the trailheads are, find rest rooms, drinking water and parking lots, learn how long the trails are, where to stop for food and drink and what to expect on the trail.

No need to carry a paper map because this map downloads to your phone or tablet. Zoom out to get an overview of all of the trails, then zoom in for more detail. The map works with the GPS on your phone, so you’ll always know exactly where you are and what is up ahead.

Order the Twin Cities Bike Trails 2016 map today and start planning your next trail outing.

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Disaster Relief Using Your Bike

Posted by Doug Shidell, January 1st , 2016.

This is pretty cool and it’s happening right here in Minneapolis.

If a disaster strikes, you and your bike could be an invaluable resource for your community.
The first WINTERdrt will be held during the Winter Cycling Congress [@WinterCycle2016] in Minneapolis on February 3, 2016. The event will demonstrate how people with bicycles can serve their community in times of need. Disasters can happen at any moment in any weather. In this winter event, participants will cover up to 30 miles finding checkpoints, performing emergency relief tasks, transporting supplies and gathering information.
Three types of relief will be demonstrated:
Moving Stuff (40lb of sand – carrying the load),
Getting There Fast (covering territory quickly – have you got studs?),
Going Anywhere (fat tire heaven – you can do it)
The WINTERdrt is supported by local disaster management agencies and the generous support of: www.mplsbike.org, www.planetbike.com and www.surlybikes.com.
More Information

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New Updates for Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map

Posted by Doug Shidell, October 9th , 2015.

The mobile Twin Cities Bike Map has been updated. This is the third update for 2015, the last one was in August. Updates since August include:

Added 26th St and 28th St through the heart of south Minneapolis. These were high traffic one way streets that weren’t comfortable for most cyclists. The streets have been retro-fitted with wide, protected, bike lanes and now provide quick, comfortable routes across town.

Also added Broadway and Lowry Ave. in North and Northeast Minneapolis as bike routes. The City has also retro-fitted these routes with protected lanes.

New route along the scenic St. Croix River near Afton. This is very hilly country, but exceptionally beautiful.

Removed or changed a number of trails and roads around the Chaska area. As traffic increases in the area, some previously good roads have become uncomfortable.

Added new legend and North Arrow to the map.

Numerous smaller changes across the metro area.

This will be the last update for 2015. If you already have the 2015 mobile map, you can download the updated map for free. If you don’t have it, download now for the most up-to-date bike map of the Twin Cities area.

Download the mobile 2015 Twin Cities Bike Map

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Mobile Madison Area Bike Map is Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, January 21st , 2015.

The Madison and Dane County Bike Map has gone mobile. Now you can get all of the bike trails and bike routes from the paper Madison and Dane County Bike Map on your phone. The map works with your phone’s GPS system, so you can plot out new routes, tag favorite places, add photos, and store your rides.     Try the 2011 version for free or buy the 2015 edition and get free updates throughout 2015. Learn more here.

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July Update to the Mobile Twin Cities Bike Map_2014

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 8th , 2014.

The mobile Twin Cities Bike Map_2014 has been updated to reflect the latest research in the area.

July updates include a new bike path and boardwalk around Keller Lake near Lake Phalen. Hwy 13 has a new bike path between the Transit Station and River Rd. Multiple changes in NE Minneapolis. St. Anthony Parkway bridge has been closed to motor vehicles, but bikes and peds allowed. It is now shown as a trail instead of a road. Multiple changes in Apple Valley.

If you have already purchased the 2014 version of the map, you can update it for free. Go to the Avenza store through your app and install the map again. You will not be charged.

If you haven’t purchased the map yet, follow these simple steps:

Get the App. Then get the Map.

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “Avenza.”
  2. Download the free app.
  3. Then go to the Avenza Map Store by opening the app and clicking the “store” icon at the bottom of the page.
  4. Search for “Bikeverywhere.” Download any, or all, of the Bikeverywhere maps and start playing around.


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Black Dog Rd Closes in July

Posted by Doug Shidell, June 17th , 2014.

Black Dog Rd runs along the south side of the Minnesota River between Cedar Ave and I-35W. it has served the employees of the Blackdog Power plant, fishermen, birdwatchers, nature lovers and bicyclists for decades. It has always been a destination ride for me because of its close proximity to the river and it’s low traffic, paved surface.

Next month the road will be permanently closed to the public. The only vehicles permitted on the road will be employees of the power plant.

The beginning of the end began several years ago when heavy flooding washed out the road between the power plant and I-35W. The damage was never repaired and that section was closed to traffic. It was still possible to ride the closed section, but with each passing year the pavement crumbled more and weeds began growing in the cracks. Today, most of that section of road is potholed gravel.

The future, however, is not as bleak as it may seem. A path will run the length of the old road, providing access for bicyclists and pedestrians. Fishermen and bird watchers who depended on close access to their vehicles will have to stay closer to the public access points.

Cyclists looking for one last ride on the old Blackdog Road should make their pilgrimage soon, but come prepared for a gravel road experience.

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Every Street in St. Paul by Bike

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 23rd , 2014.

Wolfie Browender decided in the summer of 2011 that he would ride his bike on every block of every street in St. Paul. He doesn’t just ride the streets. He posts a blog about each ride. The blog posts, which he claims take much longer to write than the rides; combine history, photography and interviews with local residents.

Even a cursory look at his posts reveals a man with a high level of curiosity, and the ability to draw a story out of just about anyone he meets. In his most recent posts he’s interviewed a piano tuner who works out his home, a school teacher who teaches in the one room Mattocks School Building, now located on the campus of the Highland Park Senior High School, a woman who searches out old grave sites in her local cemetery, and a Hamline University student working a parking lot during the State Fair. He also photographed three old cars, apparently abandoned in a weedy parking lot, a variety of Little Free Libraries with unique designs and an album’s worth of gravestones.

The idea for this grand project began with bike rides.

“As I traversed Saint Paul a few years ago, I saw various interesting, curious and cool things.  It was entertaining to visit parts of the city to which I didn’t often or ever get.  I also noticed sights while biking that I would have otherwise missed.

“This got me to thinking-what would I experience if I were to bike every street in Saint Paul?  How long would it take?  What fascinating people would I meet?  What interesting things would I see?”

Wolfie has completed two full seasons of riding and will soon start his third. He started the project expecting it to take 10 years to complete. That seems like a stretch. My guess is that this is a lifetime project at best and may have to be carried on by the next generation. Wolfie is just too fascinated by St. Paul to hurry through the ride. By the time this project is finished, we’ll not only have a complete and personal picture of St. Paul, we’ll also have a series of set pieces that capture the city as it evolves over the years.

One word of caution: Wolfie’s blog is called “St. Paul By Bike- Every Block of Every Street. Its Sights. Its People. It’s History. The title alone should tell you that Wolfie doesn’t write Twitter Feed or Facebook Post type blogs. He writes and photographs everything he sees, he adds historical notes and writes up entire interviews. He doesn’t stop until he’s documented everything.

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La Crosse Area Bike Route Map for your Phone

Posted by Doug Shidell, October 20th , 2013.

The La Crosse, WI area is the first of a new series of bike route maps that I am developing for your phone or mobile devices. La Crosse is in the southwest corner of Wisconsin on the Mississippi River and in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless area. The city itself, and the city of Onalaska to the north, are in the relatively flat valley created by the confluence of the LaCrosse and Mississippi Rivers. Head east to ride on some of the most remote, scenic, and hilly roads you will find anywhere in the continental US.

The Driftless area is an unglaciated part of the state that has been cut into narrow valleys, called coulees, and rolling ridges.  Expect climbs up to a mile in length as you ride from coulee to ridge, and exhilarating descents as you come back down. This is farm country with small farms and woodlots in the coulees and larger farms on the ridges. Wisconsin’s history as a dairy state works well for bicyclists. The state has paved nearly every road in the area so milk trucks can get milk from farm to market under any weather conditions. For bicyclists that means paved roads, often with as few as 50 cars per day.

The map is available for your iPhone, Android or tablet. The first step is to download the free app from either the iTunes Store or Google Play. This is a one time download.  You can now download any map on the Avenza Map Store. To find the La Crosse map, search for LaCrosse, WI Bike Routes. Or just search for Bikeverywhere to see more maps as I develop them.

I’m giving away the first 50 downloads of the La Crosse Bike Routes map with the hope that I can get feedback that will help me make it even better. After the first 50 downloads, I will charge $4.00.

The free map app has a lot of features. The most important is that you can use it with the GPS in your phone to track where you are. This only works, of course, if you are in the La Crosse area. But even before you get there, you can lay out routes, add points of interest, measure distances and numerous other things. Check it out. The app is always free, but hurry on the map. It won’t take long to get to 50 downloads.

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Parks and Trails has Plans for State’s Bikeways

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 10th , 2013.

The Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota has always been at the forefront of every effort to secure new green spaces for Minnesota. For over 60 years they’ve collected money to move quickly on land purchases that have great value to the state. Then, when the slow machinery of State or local government finally frees up funds, the Council sells the land and uses money from the sale to invest again. Trails have always had a special place on the Council’s agenda. This year their agenda includes funding for 13 trail projects that meet the Council’s four main criteria:

  • The trail provides a high-quality “destination” experience
  • The trail is well located for high use
  • The trail enhances connectivity
  • The opportunity to develop the trail is dependent on quick action

The Mill Towns State Trail is a good example of their priorities: It will connect the popular Cannon Valley and Sakatah Singing Hills trails (located for high use and enhances connectivity). It will include a bridge over the Cannon River (“destination” experience) and funding is needed right now to secure a 6.5 mile right of way (development depends on quick action). 12 other trails meet the same criteria and the Parks and Trails Council is ready to move on all of them.

Their impact on some of the most important quality of life amenities in the state expands to a legislative agenda that includes restoring funding to operate State Parks and Trails and making the Legacy Funds from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment truly transformative.  Dorian Grilley, former Executive Director of the Council, reviewed “Bicycle Vacation Guide” when it first came out and told me. “Our goal is to make this book outdated as quickly as possible.” They did a great job on that front and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

Check out the Council’s website. It’s not an exciting read, but even a quick look will demonstrate just how important this venerable institution has been to those of us who need the restorative power of nature in our lives.

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