Sturtevant trail paved

Posted by Doug Shidell, October 8th, 2010

Several years ago a route was cleared and a rough gravel trail was laid from a point just west of highway 31 to Willow Rd in Sturtevant. But then construction mysteriously stopped. Finally the trail has been paved.

Finding bicycle-friendly routes between Racine and the western parts of Racine county is a challenge. The need to cross two railroads and interstate 94 tends to funnel traffic onto the relatively few through roads. With the improvement of this trail, bicyclists now have the option of an off-road route between Racine and Sturtevant.  They can then use mostly low-traffic roads to continue further west. (The exception is caused by the need to use the route 20 shoulder to get under the railroad tracks. Fortunately the shoulders are wide.)

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