Printed Twin Cities Bike Map Discontinued

Posted by Doug Shidell, May 10th, 2021

I’ve been publishing the print version of the Twin Cities Bike Map since 1983. In 2013 I introduced the mobile version of the map and watched mobile sales rise while print sales have declined. Although I’ve seen a COVID related surge in print map sales during the last year, the overall trend has been down, to the point where I can no longer profitably run small press runs. I’ve decided to discontinue the printed version. It’s the end of an era. I will no longer sell the print version through my website, but you should be able to find maps at Twin Cities bike dealers through the end of the season. The mobile version of the map is still available and will be updated regularly.

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Riding the Hills of Afton

Posted by Doug Shidell, April 14th, 2021

Looking for a hilly ride to put some burn into your legs? Try this route, near the Afton area. It incorporates about 1800 feet of climbing into a 30 mile ride. We started at the pin and went counterclockwise. The last leg was mercifully flat and we had a tailwind.

Looking for a hilly ride to put some burn into your legs? Try this route, near the Afton area. It incorporates about 1800 feet of climbing into a 30 mile ride. We started at the pin and went counterclockwise. The last leg was mercifully flat and we had a tailwind.
30 miles, 1800 feet of climbing

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Updated mobile Twin Cities Bike Map Available

Posted by Doug Shidell, March 10th, 2021

The Twin Cities Mobile Bike Map has been updated. Changes include the St. Paul Grand Rounds, the new trail connector in S. St. Paul, the first stage of the new paved River Bottoms route and changes in a number of suburban cities. Check the Avenza app on your phone. Updates are free if you’ve already downloaded an earlier version of the map.

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Winter Bicycling on Minnehaha Creek

Posted by Doug Shidell, February 13th, 2021

Minimal snow and good ice made Minnehaha Creek a popular route for fat bikes this winter. The trail is past its peak for the season. Slush in January froze into rutted footprints and even in today’s near zero temps, the sun is warm enough to melt snow and send it down the storm sewers to the creek, creating salty slush in spots.

You can still salvage some good riding by diverting off the creek onto packed single track along the banks of the creek.

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Book Review

Posted by Doug Shidell, December 8th, 2020

This review of “On His Own Terms” was posted on Amazon November 26, 2020.

On His Terms takes us beyond the secret intimacies that make up life into the journey on the land itself. We not only learn about the struggle of Delone’s life, but the range of vibrant and knowledgeable information about the landscape of his journey. Through dialog the author creates vibrant, deeply human characters and the result is an interesting and moving novel.

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Fake Book Reviewers

Posted by Doug Shidell, December 1st, 2020

Geneva Barnett wanted to review my book. Send her a free copy, she said, but don’t respond in the public forum. Please contact her via email.

This is the fourth such request I’ve gotten this weekend. It’s a scam.

Like every independent book publisher, I have to compete with the 10,000 new book titles published every year. It’s a challenge, so when someone offers to review my book, please contact them, the temptation is to respond immediately, and breathe a sigh of relief that my masterpiece is finally getting the notice it deserves.

But there is a catch. I’ve been publishing for a few years. I know that legitimate book reviews start with someone buying the book, reading, it, then feeling compelled to write a review. They don’t start with “Give me a free copy, and I’ll write a review.”

But Geneva, definitely not her real name, isn’t just trying to scam a free read. If I were to respond, I would soon find that she has 10,000 people following her reviews, they all fall into my target audience and I will soon shoot to the top of the Amazon sales charts. There will, however, be a small fee for such stellar results.

Geneva will have to look elsewhere for clients.

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High Praise from Minnesotans

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 27th, 2020

Just for fun. None of these are real

It’s OK

Dave, a satisfied reader

Not that bad

Don, an enthusiastic reader

It has a lot of talking in it, but that’s OK.

Betty, another writer with a pretty good book.

If you forced me to read it a second time, I probably wouldn’t hate you for too long.


The author is, like, as old as my grandmother so, like, I’m not going to say anything bad about the book, but the chapters are too long. They should be, like, the length of a FB post if you want to attract a younger crowd. And the humor, OMG. Get to the point. Only old people need, like, a full paragraph for a joke. You won’t find me RAOTFL if you can’t get to the punchline in five words or less, preferably less.

BTW, learn FB Eng. Your never going to make it if you write the hole word every time. Only old folks read that stuff anymore, and their dying off.


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Win a free copy of “On His Own Terms”

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 20th, 2020

Enter today for a free copy of my eBook novel “On His Own Terms.” will giveaway up to 100 copies of the novel on December 20. (If more than 100 people enter, Goodreads will randomly select the winners.) This is an eBook novel that is readable on the Amazon Kindle.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

On His Own Terms by Doug Shidell

On His Own Terms

by Doug Shidell

Giveaway ends December 20, 2020.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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Bike Trail near Lyndale Avenue

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 19th, 2020

A new multiuse trail is being constructed on
the north side of the Minnesota River from Lyndale
Avenue. Currently it is a 1.6 mile paved trail that ends
abruptly near Mounds Springs Park. Eventually this trail
will stretch east to Fort Snelling State Park and west to
the city of Jordan. The trail is a boon to walkers and
paved trail bicyclists, but mountain bikers will have a
degraded experience. One rider compared it to riding
on a frontage road next to a highway.

The trail connects to the multi-use trail on I-35W and
will eventually create a loop connecting to the Black
Dog paved trail on the south side of the river via the
Cedar Avenue bike bridge.

Bike Trail near Lyndale Avenue
Trails ends abruptly
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Effigy Mounds

Posted by Doug Shidell, November 19th, 2020

Effigy mounds, ancient burial mounds, can resemble animals such as bears, eagles and long tailed underwater creatures. They are unique to the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin and prominent along the lower Wisconsin River. “On His Own Terms” mentions them briefly, but they deserve much more attention because of their archaeological significance and unique formations. One of my favorites, Shadewald Mounds, shows a bison and eagle among other effigies and can be seen in Google’s aerial photos. They are located near the intersection of Highways 60 and 193 and north of Muscoda, Wisconsin. A series of conical mounds, thought to be a calendar for agricultural purposes, is preserved across Highway 193 to the west.

Shadewald Mounds near Muscoda, Wisconsin
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