Mobile Madison Bike Map

Take the Madison and Dane County Bike Map with you on every ride. We’ve partnered with PDF Maps to bring you the best bike map available on powerful and intuitive apps for iPhones and Androids.



The mobile Madison and Dane County Bike Map is custom designed to work with the PDF Maps App. It’s:

  • Compact: Using GIS technology, the map has a small footprint on your phone (approximately 40Mb).
  • Big: Mobile Madison and Dane County Bike Map covers All of Dane County plus the eastern side of Iowa County.
  • Complete: It has all of the bike routes and trails of the paper Madison and Dane County Bike Map plus more. On the mobile map, you can see the same level of street detail whether you are in Downtown Madison or the center of Cottage Grove.
  • Reliable: Ride the field-tested routes or use the map to explore new areas. You’ll never get lost because the map is tied to your phone’s GPS.
  • Fun: Add photos and points of interest. Save your favorite rides and record your trip distance.


Madison, Wisconsin 2015 Bike Routes

Try before you buy

The free 2011 Madison Bike Map has dated information and the graphics aren’t as good, but the map will give you a feel for the map and the PDF Maps app. Try it for free, then move up to the 2015 map.

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