Brookfield trails progress

Posted by Doug Shidell, July 11th, 2012

It turns out that Brookfield has been on a tear, building trails next to busy through streets. Most notable is that a trail now runs next to Brookfield Rd from Lisbon Rd to Blue Mound, including a board walk through a wetland. Other recent additions include trails along Gephardt, Lilly, and Burleigh. Not all the problems have been solved; a trail along the busy Pilgrim Road stops abruptly when it crosses from Menomonee Falls into Brookfield.

In earlier maps, to cross Brookfield without encouraging bicyclists to use the narrow, busy, and dangerous through roads, I have found circuitous routes on winding residential streets. In the new edition of the map, several of these routes will be replaced by more direct routes using the new trails. Now if only something could be done about Pilgrim Road.

The trails parallel to roads seem to be somewhat independent of the Brookfield Greenways program, which builds trails through parks. It is the new trails in the Greenways program that have so far not progressed beyond the black plastic construction fencing stage that I referred to in a previous post.

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