Bikeverywhere Mobile Maps

Take Bikeverywhere maps everywhere with our new line of mobile maps.

Cannon ValleyMobile_TCBMMadison

We’ve created the mobile maps with the same attention to detail and accuracy as our paper maps, but the new platform expands your options. It’s always with you and you can use it even when cell service isn’t available.

What can I do with the mobile Bikeverywhere maps?

Zoom, pan and mark up your map from anywhere

  • End of Trail

Add favorite places and photos


Connect with the GPS in your mobile device (even when cell service isn’t available)


Switch to an online map

online map

You can also share your routes, favorite places and photos with friends or place them on another Avenza Map.

How do I Download the map to my phone?

Using your phone or tablet, tap the download link to any map on the Bikeverywhere website. The link will take you directly to the map in the Avenza Maps Store. Tap “Get this product.” The store will direct you to download the app ( a one time step) and set up payment options, then take you to the map for downloading. Depending on the size of the map and your cell connection, the map can take several minutes to download. Check the Avenza maps app for download progress.

If you just want to test out one of Bikeverywhere’s free maps before purchasing, you can skip the payments set up for now.

You can also find the Avenza Maps app in the App Store or Google Play. Download it, then search the Avenza Maps store for Bikeverywhere. All of our publications will show up for you to view and download.

Are the Maps Free?

Some are. We have free maps and fee maps in the store. Look around and test ride a couple of free maps, then get the most readable and up-to-date maps for everyday use. Buy a map once and get free updates throughout the calendar year.

How do I search for maps?

Avenza Maps has thousands of maps from around the World, and they aren’t just bicycle maps. You can find maps for nearly anything you want to do, from canoeing to hiking to exploring major cities like Paris or Bangkok. Here are two great links to help with your search:

See all mobile Bikeverywhere Maps